$1,397.00 USD

Crash Course: Starting a Poison Ivy Remediation Division

Most Landscapers and Lawn Care Providers are TERRIFIED to Perform This Service!

Stand out from the Crowd and Launch your Poison Ivy Remediation Division Right NOW!

What you'll get:

  • Understanding of the Barriers to Entry and How to Overcome them.
  • The Education Necessary to perform the service.
  • What Tools You Will Need
  • The What, Why, How, When to Sell this Service for High Profits
  • How to Sell this Service
  • Managing Client Expectations
  • How to Deliver The Results

[ Results may vary.  Ditch The Itch, LLC is a Pesticide Applicator Business in the State of Michigan and an education company for lawn care providers, landscapers, and homeowners.  The information presented in this course is strictly educational.  Ditch The Itch, LLC makes no claims or guarantees for any of the information within this program.  Ditch The Itch, LLC is not liable if you use this information unlawfully or unethically.  For anyone making Pesticide Applications, follow all Federal, State, and Local Laws. Pesticide Labels are Laws.  We do hope that this information serves you and those that you serve. ]