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Identify Poison Ivy With Confidence

50 Million people a year experience Poison Ivy. 

This Results in:

Horrible Rash

Oozing Blisters

Unbearable Itching

Doctors Visits


Don't be one of them!

The number one reason people get Poison Ivy is their inability to identify it. 

If you cannot Identify Poison Ivy you probably feel:

Extreme Anxiety when outside.

Constant state of Fear when working outside.

Confusion of other plants.

 You are not Alone!

Proper Identification is the number one way to Avoid coming into contact with Poison Ivy.  

 If you can Identify it, you can Avoid it. 

Our Academy Will:

Give You Peace of Mind.

Educate You on Proper Identification.

Teach You How To Properly and Safely Manage Poison Ivy.

Allow You to Teach Your Children and Grandchildren.

Stop feeling the Burning Itching sensation, and start feeling Relief, Peace of Mind, Empowered, and Educated.

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Step 1 : Identification

The first step in poison ivy remediation is Identification. Learn from the professionals with 10 years of experience, who do this every day with tips and tricks on how to properly Identify Poison Ivy

Step 2 : Best Management Practices

Once you've learned to properly Identify Poison Ivy, you can move on to Best Management Practices.

After 10 years of dealing with Poison Ivy, we have curated and developed the Best Management Practices for this industry

Step 3 : Generational Information

What you learn here at The Poison Ivy Academy can be passed down to your children and your grandchildren.

Knowledge learned and passed down is the easiest way to make change in your family tree.